Barrie Williams

Photographer & Filmmaker

“Worlds collide in Barrie Williams’ beautiful and evocative image, which demands a double-take, affording a unique insight into the habitat and behaviour of gannets. The British Wildlife Photography Awards continue to offer the natural world with the recognition, and reverence, it deserves.” - Paul Wilkinson, BWPA competition judge and The Wildlife Trusts’ head of Living Landscape.

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BBC Scotland Janice Forsyth Show (14/09/2015)

"Sea cliffs provide a haven from potential predators, a place for birds to breed, hunt and safely raise the next generation. This vertigo-inducing shot shows guano-stained rocks, the bustle of lower ledges with birds packed tightly and gannets hunting over the inky seas below. The judges felt it was the unique perspective of this shot and its ability to reveal something new about seabird life that made it such a firm favourite." - Matt Swaine, editor BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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